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Providing you with quality security and alarm systems is more than important to us – it is our top priority. Finally have peace of mind when your head hits the pillow or when you leave your home knowing your family is safe.


When you work with our experienced and expert staff, rest assured you're going to end up with the security and alarm system that's right for you, your property, your family, and your budget. No matter the type of system you choose, you can count on around-the-clock dependability.


Our team offers a wide range of alarm and security services, including installation, monitoring, burglary and fire security systems, 24 hour UL monitoring, and phone system wiring.

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Offering affordable service every day

Your safety doesn't ever come with a price tag, and it's our duty to offer you quality security and alarm systems at a rate that's accessible to you and your budget. You're going to be thrilled with just how affordable our top of the line security systems are for you.


Our experience counts for a whole lot

For more than 34 years, our team has been providing you with the security that puts you at ease. Our staff has seen technology change in ways that you can't even believe, and that makes us that much more able to help you with your own unique security needs.


Experience our superior customer care

You're not going to find another security outfit that is willing to work as hard as our team to make sure you get each and every feature that's important to you when it comes to your security. Our compassionate and dedicated team is determined to meet all your needs.

Providing you with the security that's going to keep you safe is our pleasure each and every day.


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